Hi there!

I'm so glad you visited my site and have thought to write to me. :)

I'm happy to give you my e-mail address, and in the past wanted to make it easy for visitors by allowing them to simply "click" on the Contact link.  Well, like most of you, I receive an incredible amount of junk email from all kinds of people who are not interested in my art, at all, but would rather try to sell me everything from cheap Viagra to porn.  No thanks.  And, of course, I get those opportunities from Nigeria!  It seems everyone there has a relative who died but has an amazing amount of money that someone needs illegally laundered.  (Though, is there a legal way to launder money?  I don't know.)

Also, be assured that if you EVER receive an unsolicited e-mail from suzysikora.com, it was NOT sent by me.  One of the things I'm learning in having my own site is that there are rotten spammers who use the domain names of others to send their unwanted bulk e-mails.  I do not condone this and, unfortunately, do not know how to prevent it.  I can only apologize that my domain name may have been used in this way. It infuriates me! 

At any rate, please - do feel free to drop me a line at suzy (at) suzysikora(dot)com.  (Gotta try and outsmart the machines here.)

Thanks again for stopping by.  Some day, some where, I hope to find time to devote to art again!